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Emma. College student. Pansexual. Equal rights activist. Cat enthusiast. Avid reader. Aspiring writer. Musically enlightened.


i only go on the internet like once a day for approx 24 hours


"How’s school?"



it’s great that yall are supporting fat ladies but let’s stop only talking about the ones who have hourglass figures. support girls with love handles and stretch marks and thighs that jiggle when they walk and girls who don’t have big asses and girls with cellulite and girls with big arms and calves and fat in all the places they’re told they shouldn’t have fat. if you’re gonna be body positive you have to support all body types because every body is beautiful


Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

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